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L-A Ranch

Registered Friesians, Percherons, Austrian Norikers and Sport Horses. 

The Largest Austrian Noriker breeder in the USA

Registered AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Exceptional horses for exceptional people

Discover the pleasure of driving horse and buggy

Our Current Line up of stallions we are standing for the 2021 year at LA Ranch,

Live Oak, Florida include:

Purebred Friesian Bohdi,

a true 17 hand Son of Julius 486. Bohdi puts a long graceful neck and long legs on all of his babies. His 2021 Stud fee is

$850 we live cover or Ship cooled semen. LFG


Galaxy, a 16 hand sport horse that is a grand son of the approved Friesian stallion Ielke 382 and on his mothers knabstupper side he is a grandson of the great stallion Apollon. His babies are all very atheletic and he has thrown some super color!

Stud Fee: $1500 Live cover or Shipped semen LFG

Purebred Friesian Zebalon:

Zeb is 16.1 a baroque old style friesian, he has an incredible front end and comes from a line with alot of hair. He is currently offered for sale.

Stud Fee $850 Live cover or Shipped semen.